The Irresistible Collection is HERE!

Ladies, ladies, ladies! The collection is here and we’ve all got the butterflies. This collection is risque, it’s chic, it’s innovative but most of all- it caters to Plus Sexy. Irresistible caters to YOU. Our preview items are flying off the virtual shelf- so browse the collection now and get ready to infuse your closet with color, elegance, and “wear it over and over and over again” pieces. Enjoy!


What you need to do before the Irresistible Collection launches…

Hello , you gorgeous thing you! At only 5 days until the big reveal, that we are having the hardest time keeping under wraps (because it is THAT nice), we wanted to give you some tips on what to do to prepare for the big launch!

Tip 1: Fill Up the Calendar!

You know that pesky event your friend keeps inviting you to on Facebook? Don’t decline or delete it- with the Irresistible Collection, you’ll want to hit “Join” to absolutely everything you’re invited to because you’ll want to be seen once these styles hit the website. (And sending us a picture of you out on the town is the true icing on the cake here at QFD headquarters.)

Tip 2: Clear out the Closet!

Fashionistas have a love hate relationship with Spring Cleaning. There’s so much you want to keep, but you’re also torn to make room for new styles! Trust us, with the Irresistible Collection, you’ll want one of each and in different colors. Time to retire some of those oldie but goodies and bring in the new and improved!

Tip 3: Be Camera Ready!

It goes without saying that hair, makeup, great shoes, and an incredible dress give any woman status. We’re fairly certain lots of paparazzi will begin to mistake you for royalty, a high end socialite, or just someone with amazingly good taste that readying yourself for the camera is the safe route to go. Prepare yourself, you may be walking around the grocery store one day and find your image gracing the cover of a magazine.

Tip 4: Shop The Styles Available Now

This collection is Irresistible and although that’s its name- it fully embodies that which you have no choice but to yield to. Launching February 27th, you’ll be blown away by the explosion of color, style, and overwhelming beauty! Stay tuned to the blog for more information and updates- but in the meantime, here’s a link to the styles already available:

(Free shipping on these items until February 27th)

Remember, the Irresistible Collection is the one you can’t ignore.


5 Reasons why The Irresistible Collection is for YOU.

Beautiful ladies and confident plus sexy divas, the Irresistible Collection has generated so much buzz already and while we are thrilled and excited about the upcoming launch of the FULL collection on February 27th- here’s 5 Reasons why this collection can not be missed!

1. Three of the styles are available right now.

We’re not kidding. Last week we made the announcement that three of the styles would be available and they are so incredibly sexy, we’re certain any woman will look amazing! (Plus, they are all on sale with free shipping.)

Allure, So Irresistible, and Top Shelf can be yours today!


2. Be part of a revolution.

As clothes for Plus Sexy women the world over become more accessible and more fashionable, none have come close to the sexiness and versatility of Qristyl Frazier Designs. The days of yards of fabric to cover curves are quickly fading and by owning this collection, not only are you accentuating your figure, you’re part of what we call- The Plus Sexy Revolution. Set that example for the world over that plus-size doesn’t have to mean covering up, but standing proud and standing out.

3. Wear the designs worn by world-renowned model Christina Mendez.

Christina Mendez was recently named in the Top 5 of Plus Size models in the industry. One of the biggest complaints seen in the fashion industry is that, “Those designs can’t be worn in the every day!”. Luckily for Qristyl Frazier Designs, Christina Mendez has helped re-define that statement, making the designs in the Irresistible Collection (and all of our collections) something EVERY girl can wear proudly and stylishly.

4. Timeless pieces you’ll want to wear again and again.

As with every QFD Collection, QFD is made to stay stylish time and time again. Whether it’s for work or play, these styles are indeed timeless- and you’ll always be a trendsetter and stay one step ahead, so prepare that closet because these styles will become your absolute favorites.

5. It’s Irresistible. 

Need we say more? The collection is undeniably the most enticing yet. Shop the available styles now and prepare yourself for February 27th!

Allure from the Irresistible Collection- Available Now

Ladies! One of three looks available to you now. Presenting: Allure.


Sleeveless dress with faux leather trim
Mesh at front and back
Faux leather trim
Matt jersey top has semi stretch and
4 way stretch at bottom of dress
Dry Clean (be sure your cleaners does not damage the faux leather trim)

Price $160
Sizes 6-20
Sizes 22-24 $190
Notes: we will add up to 3″ in length, just ask us in notes when placing your order

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about the Spring 2014 Collection!

Happy Sunday QFD divas and absolutely fabulous fashionistas! In the past few days we have posted sneak peaks of the Irresistible Collection set to make it’s debut on February 27th. However, the buzz that has been generated for this collection is the most we’ve seen yet! To make things a little bit interesting and really give our lovely ladies what they want, 3 styles will be made available for sale beginning MONDAY. Yes, that’s this week- Monday, February 10th! This is an opportunity unlike any other- a “buy it before it launches” teaser sale! Feast your eyes on the looks that will be available:

Top Shelf



So Irresistible

QFD_225 copyx-L


QFD_370 copy-L

Get a jump start on these fabulous looks the week of Monday, February 10th! Oh, and no need to thank us. With the Irresistible Collection, who can resist? (We definitely couldn’t!)

Another sneak peak of the Irresistible Collection!

As the release date for the Irresistible Collection blooms around us, we just couldn’t resist showing you some of the looks that will begin springing up on the site come February 27th! The beautiful Christina Mendez made QFD sing and this collection has blossomed beautifully. Below is one of the looks available to you on February 27th! Keep it here to see the  magic happen. This Spring- QFD wants to shower you with styles that will be hard to ignore. In fact, they will be downright irresistible…

BeFunky_Leatherlookbanner.jpg leatherdoubletake


Do we need to say more? BE HERE Feb. 27th and get this amazing look- we’ll be waiting…

Sneak Peak of the 2014 Collection!

Well, beautiful ladies. Here we are. Super Bowl weekend and we’ve got something SO MUCH BETTER to show you: A behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming 2014 Collection- arriving very soon! Start early and begin jotting down your favorites because this will be the biggest collection YET. The beautiful Christina Mendez graced each design with her beauty and presence.

We are incredibly excited to showcase this collection because it will truly expose what has been the dream here at QFD and Qristyl’s personal motto: Every girl can embrace her Plus Sexy. Plus Sexy clothes shouldn’t hide your figure, they should embrace it and exhibit that womanly and curvaceous spirit not only shown on the outside, but felt on the inside. Plus Sexy is more than just gorgeous clothes; what makes QFD the one and only is that every QFD diva who has ever donned our designs, has adopted the attitude of loving the skin she’s in. It’s important for us to know the QFD design you own becomes a part of who you are. The dress doesn’t make the girl- the girl makes the dress, so we’ll leave that up to you. (But we’re sure you’ll turn it out- as you always do ;) .)


2014preview3 2014preview2 2014preview1


What do you think? Comment below!

Meet Limarie!

Feedback is always welcome here at the QFD Fashion house, but this time around, we were so humbled to see what had landed in our inbox.. Meet Limarie, who let us know how amazing she felt wearing one of our QFD designs.

“Hi Qristyl! I am so humbled and honored and  excited about this! I loved the way this dress made me look and feel! I felt amazingly curvy and super glamorous!  I LOVED doing this shoot with my team, photographer  Zakiyah Caldwel and makeup artist Shannon Dorsey because they knew the direction I wanted to go with this Aaliyah inspired shoot and  helped me get just what I wanted!  This black Qristyl Frazier dress accentuated all of my curves in all of the right places and had me feeling so beautiful and so curvy-glam! Ladies, this is a must have item to send your curvy confidence soaring!” XO- Limarie
Limarie Lewis is a plus model signed with TRUEModel Management.  She has been featured on the cover of Daily Venus Diva, and inside the pages Plus Model Magazine, POSE  & Just As Beautiful.  She is also the Curvy Confidence Editor for Daily Venus Diva and a woman who is passionate about celebrating body confidence as well as the importance of being healthy mind, body and soul.

Sizing Chart

Size 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26
Bust 37 39 41 43 45 47 49 51 53 55
Waist 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
Hips 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56

This brand runs true to size. To ensure the best fit, we suggest you order your true size, any questions on sizing please contact us directly at 212-340-1129.

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