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Hello QFD Qties, Divas, Gurus, Fashonistas and everything in between!

This past week, we made an explosion on your social media with the launch of our new Allure Collection. Now, that you’ve had a moment to see the looks, shop, and take in the amazing temptation of the collection- we wanted to get your feedback!

Which look was your favorite of the Allure Collection? And why? (Psst…Bonus points if you’ve already placed your order!)

The best response will win a 50.00 VISA giftcard! With Halloween just around the corner, that buys a lot of scrumptious candy!


Last day to submit responses is October 31st.

The Allure Collection is HERE!

We usually are people of many words, but when you have such an amazing collection of designs to show off- less is best.

Allure is here! Shop it now!
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Allure Collection: Model Spotlight Q&A: Kim Dixon

1. What was your favorite part of the Allure Collection shoot?
     I loved the whole experience from start to finish. It was my first time shooting e-commerce and I was very pleased with my hair & make up so it gave me the extra confidence I needed on set. Maddy & Lucus were very helpful with giving me direction on poses & facial expressions. I loved working with Naimah, she is experienced and very professional. The stylist Janette & Qristyl were awesome with getting me dressed and ready for set and the designs looked awesome! 
2. What led you to work for QFD and what was your overall experience with Qristyl, Maddy, Jeanette and the whole team?
  A model friend of mine sent me the casting info that Qristyl had posted on Facebook. I was always a fan of her work and familiar with her previous work with model Christina Mendez. At the time, I had just done my 1st test shoot with Stanley Desbas so I took a chance and sent her some of my unedited photos. I’m so glad I did because next thing I know I recieved an email from Qristyl asking to meet in person and the rest is history. I enjoyed every minute of it, it was an awesome experience, the highlight of my modeling career thus far. I am so glad that I was able to make her proud, I want this collection to sell when the customers see me in the designs and I hope to continue to work with Qristyl on future collections. 
3. Which design was your absolute favorite?
  My favorite design was the tan leopard print peek shoulder blouse with gold belt and tan skirt. I have already recieved so many comments about that outfit on social media after posting the behind the scenes pictures.
4. What do you feel readers and QFD loyalists will be most impressed with?
   The Allure collection has designs for every occasion, it’s very well rounded and versatile. From work attire, date night, church or a fancy event the Allure collection will have you covered and looking gorgeous,and the prints are fabulous! Great Fabrics, Animal Prints & Leather done tastefully and classy…I love, love, love.
5. What do you feel Qristyl Frazier and QFD are doing that is different and unique to the industry?
The fact that Qristyl used me (a new model) as the only model for her e-commerce, she was not only taking a chance on me but I am a size 16/18 and most e-comm models are usually on the smaller side of plus (12/14). So it is going to be a unique shopping experience for the customer to see the clothes on a fuller model and I think it will give women who are fuller a realistic visual of how the designs will look & fit on them as well. For that, I think she is on to something great with…also with using new faces for the collection & campaign it will attract more attention to her brand.
The Allure Collection launches October 19th. For more information on Kim, visit http://www.magpose.com/plus-size-model-kim-dixon/ 

Allure Collection: Model Spotlight Q&A- Naimah Terry


1. What was your favorite part of the Allure Collection shoot?
Qristyl had an awesome team with her. The energy was great! We looked beautiful and I just can’t wait til the launch of the collection!
2. What led you to work for QFD and what was your overall experience with Qristyl, Maddy, Jeanette and the whole team? I have always wanted to work with Qristyl and I am just so proud to have been apart of this shoot. In 2012 I attended a casting call for one of Qristyl’s fashion shows and I did not make the cut, so this has been on my client goal list for a long time now. Qristyl put an amazing team together to produce the Allure shoot! The vision for the shoot was perfect!
3. Which design was your absolute favorite?
My first look, the long stripped maxi dress, made me look so statuesque … I just wanted to keep twirling around to watch the dress move! I really had fun with that dress on set. Oh and of course, I loved the yellow body con dress! It hugged each and every curve perfectly! I Definitely need that one for a sexy night out with my man. <laughs>
4. What do you feel readers and QFD loyalists will be most impressed with?
Everything really! Defintetly, the tops, they can easily transition from day to night, work to a hot date. Qristyl continues to give us great patterns and options to customize pieces. That is one thing about Qristyl, you can never say, “I like that dress, but I wish it was in this color.” Qristyl has so many colors and different silhouettes for every woman!
5. What do you feel Qristyl Frazier and QFD are doing that is different and unique to the industry?
The shopping experience and variety! When you buy a QFD, the dress doesnt just come in black or white, sometimes you can choose between 15 different colors and patterns so you really get to customize your dress with your style and personality! I have not seen that anywhere! Once you put that order in, it’s designed just for you!!!!
The Allure Collection will be available October 19th. For more information on Naimah, visit naimahterry.com.

It’s a black and white kind of desire.

The colors in the Allure Collection are simply stunning. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t make you crave and wonder what the colors would be. Today’s preview presented in black and white. It’s sweet torture.

bw1 bw2bw2

An Alluring Week of PREVIEWS!

Beginning TODAY, QFD will be issuing an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the new Allure Collection ft. the fresh-faced and stunning Kim Dixon as well as giant in the industry-Naimah (pictured below).

Now, ladies, gurus, fashionistas and everything in between- a behind the scenes look is not a common occurrence in the fashion world and is only considered a preview upon a fully set-up Fashion Week. Due to the buzz and extreme excitement surrounding this collection, we want YOU to get the full scope of the style, fashion, and brand new glitz and flash that you can be sporting soon. Keep it here on this blog for all the previews before the full launch. The wait will be well worth it and the anxiety will build… build until you can’t take it anymore. We’ll be waiting.

IMG_92091 IMG_92101

One word. Six letters. An infinity of possibility.


The very word brings to mind mystery, enchantment- that indescribable je ne sais quoi. Of course, it goes without saying that allure is many times synonymous with woman.

A simple smile can be alluring, a glance or a rich laugh. The same applies to fashion.

Oh yes. 

A blouse can make all the difference or the right skirt can accentuate those dangerous curves. The simple and luxurious sensation of hiding a secret, desiring to know the unknown and a yearning to uncover layers. The Allure Collection is all of this and more.

This Fall, fashion takes a good hard look at what makes you crave. What makes you desire. And what pulls you in to that enticing need to be a part of our new collection and fully embrace your unrelenting allure which exudes from the inside to your outer self.

With a preview coming soon and an array of color and separates unlike anything you’ve ever seen- Plus Sexy has taken a sharp turn into absolutely stunning. Come on, you’re the only one we’re waiting for to join us on this ride and make the possibilities an infinite beauty.


Sizing Chart

Size 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26
Bust 37 39 41 43 45 47 49 51 53 55
Waist 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
Hips 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56

This brand runs true to size. To ensure the best fit, we suggest you order your true size, any questions on sizing please contact us directly at 212-340-1129.

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