Blogs/social media platforms are excellent methods to share a company’s expertise, build additional web traffic, and connect with potential customers. I have had the honor of blogging for Qristyl for the past 2 years and today will be my last day of blogging for designer Qristyl Frazier. Although I will be moving on to new opportunities, I will never forget our fantastic adventures. QFD’s new blogger will be announced later today.

Memorable Moments:

Favorite Picture of Qristyl- Qristyl is very humble and will never admit it but she is absolutely gorgeous!


Favorite Design- This is an impossible question to answer because I adore all of her unique and figure flattering designs. However the Ambidextrous dress is absolutely dazzling!



Best Interview Moment- My favorite Qristyl interview was when she was interviewed on QVC’s Lisa Robertson show. I loved the intimate setting and the positive feedback from Joe Zee towards the end.


Best Behind The Scenes Moment- This clip was during the 2013 President Inauguration Fashion Show in DC. I love this video clip because it represents Qristyl’s true nature-fun and sweet. She #WorksHardandPlaysHard

dc show

Most Awkward Moment-  During the 2012 BET Rip The Runway show BET mistakenly posted Qristyl’s name as “Qristyl Street” instead of Qristyl Frazier”. I remember blogging to inform everyone of the error and rapidly responded to questions that Qristyl’s name had not changed. Whew… luckily BET apologized and corrected the error later on.

sad smiley

Funniest Moment-  While visiting Qristyl last year, it was obvious that she had a an extremely hectic schedule. In order to help lighten her load I offered to take her super sweet dog, Mr. Louie Frazier, for a walk.  Louie’s temperament was always mellow while indoors and I foolishly assumed that he would remain that way while going for a walk. However that was not the case. As soon as we went outside he completely flipped out on me, did a Houdini by slipping out of his leash, and I had to chase him for 15 minutes (while wearing heels) in NYC. LOL…miss you Louie xoxo!

louie frazier

Coolest Moment- Meeting Qristyl for the first time last year.

q and dia

Most Exciting Moment- Modeling at the 2012 Curvy Girls/Qristyl’s Sizzling Summer fashion event in NYC.


My name is Diana “Dia” Gaitirira and it has been a pleasure blogging for Qristyl Frazier, answering fan/customer questions, and assisting with awesome fashion events from 2011-2013!

(wearing the Elevated dress in yellow)

FRD Diana Gaitirira HS

(wearing Socialite dress in gold)Diana Gaitirira QFD

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