Hello , you gorgeous thing you! At only 5 days until the big reveal, that we are having the hardest time keeping under wraps (because it is THAT nice), we wanted to give you some tips on what to do to prepare for the big launch!

Tip 1: Fill Up the Calendar!

You know that pesky event your friend keeps inviting you to on Facebook? Don’t decline or delete it- with the Irresistible Collection, you’ll want to hit “Join” to absolutely everything you’re invited to because you’ll want to be seen once these styles hit the website. (And sending us a picture of you out on the town is the true icing on the cake here at QFD headquarters.)

Tip 2: Clear out the Closet!

Fashionistas have a love hate relationship with Spring Cleaning. There’s so much you want to keep, but you’re also torn to make room for new styles! Trust us, with the Irresistible Collection, you’ll want one of each and in different colors. Time to retire some of those oldie but goodies and bring in the new and improved!

Tip 3: Be Camera Ready!

It goes without saying that hair, makeup, great shoes, and an incredible dress give any woman status. We’re fairly certain lots of paparazzi will begin to mistake you for royalty, a high end socialite, or just someone with amazingly good taste that readying yourself for the camera is the safe route to go. Prepare yourself, you may be walking around the grocery store one day and find your image gracing the cover of a magazine.

Tip 4: Shop The Styles Available Now

This collection is Irresistible and although that’s its name- it fully embodies that which you have no choice but to yield to. Launching February 27th, you’ll be blown away by the explosion of color, style, and overwhelming beauty! Stay tuned to the blog for more information and updates- but in the meantime, here’s a link to the styles already available: http://qristylfrazierdesigns.com/collections/irresistible/

(Free shipping on these items until February 27th)

Remember, the Irresistible Collection is the one you can’t ignore.


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This brand runs true to size. To ensure the best fit, we suggest you order your true size, any questions on sizing please contact us directly at 212-340-1129.

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